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Welcome! The U.S. real estate property investment guide is specifically designed for Canadian investors. There is a wealth of informative strategies on our website for individuals to maximize on this opportunity through various avenues of involvement. Depending on the level of time and energy, individuals may choose between fund opportunities, purchasing property independently or creating business models for U.S. property acquisition. Regardless of the customized individually-suited style of investment pursuit, Martel Insights provides the necessary information for Canadians involved in buying and selling U.S. real estate to achieve success.

Our educational materials and intensive seminars include a vast array of resourceful materials for the amateur investor or experienced entrepreneur alike. We strive to provide the most cutting-edge implementable guidelines to assist Canadians in their U.S. real estate investments. From basic real estate foundations to financial algorithms and specific legal requirements, Martel Insights is proud to offer the most comprehensive all-inclusive business solutions.

As Canadian entrepreneurship in U.S. real estate investments gain traction, the Martel Group of Companies Inc. is taking steps to assist individuals become fluent in industry-specific terminology and practices. We are currently involved in educating Canadians on opportunities to generate cash flow in the U.S. real estate market. Martel Insights, our educational division, teaches individuals how to buy and sell U.S. real estate to create passive streams of cash flow income. Designed by U.S. real estate legend Steve Martel and his specialist acquisitions field team, our instructional resources have been vetted and are now available online. As Canada’s U.S. real estate expert, Steve’s knowledge is an invaluable tool for individuals interested in U.S. property investment opportunities.

Martel Insights currently offer interactive education seminars that provide theoretical foundations of market conditions and practical guidelines to protect investments and generate the highest profit returns. We provide implementable systems for successful endeavours in the U.S. real estate market today. Our seminar has been ranked Canada’s top U.S. investment program! We provide a proven systematic approach to prosper in U.S. real estate property investments.

investment opportunities for Canadians in the U.S. real estate market are projected until the end of 2015. In a nutshell, U.S. real estate properties are selling at all-time low prices while rental unit demands have increased. These market conditions essentially have created a window of opportunity for generating wealth Given that current educational materials provide timely expertise for U.S. real estate investment; individuals are encouraged to participate as soon as possible in order to ensure maximization of profit performance.

Discover how to benefit from what leading economists have dubbed ‘the perfect storm’ and meet with other successful investors. Our 3 Day Quest™ seminars are hosted by President and Founder, Steve Martel. With over a decade of U.S. real estate investment experience and extraordinary success, Steve creates a one-of-a-kind innovative, accessible and actionable seminar.

The 3 Day Quest™ is designed as an interactive instructional seminar for Canadians interested in U.S. real estate property investment opportunities. As a mentor and coach, Steve has an exemplary leadership style. His teaching approach is straightforward and stimulating to create a highly engaging learning environment. Video footage is available online through our education portal to provide quick and easy access.

Although the current U.S. real estate market conditions have widespread recognition as a valuable investment opportunity for Canadians, individuals are cautioned to seek expert counsel. Martel Group of Companies Inc. actively operates with U.S. property acquisitions to ensure information provided is timely, relevant and practical. Our systems work because we have tested the methods ourselves.

Join thousands of Canadians who have already achieved financial success using the educational materials and systems from Martel Insights!