If you want content that builds your brand, attracts new traffic to your website and converts that traffic into customers, use these 6 magic words that sell.

Imagine… by the end of this post you’ll know the secret 6 magic words to use that create irresistibly delicious offers for your audience so you can boost your website traffic, increase your conversion, and optimize your sales. 

Whether you’re creating a blog post, email marketing, sales pages, or any written content, it all starts by writing for your reader using words that sell.

The best copywriting is a conversation between you and your ideal target client. When you use conversational tones for your writing, your content is engaging, compelling and most importantly, readable.

For example, publications like The New Yorker magazine is written at a 5th grade level, The New York Times at a 6th grade level and The Economist at an 8th grade level.

For marketing purposes, the sweet spot for readability is between a 3rd to 6th grader level. And, no matter who your target audience, avoid technical language, jargon or overly complex words and focus on concise and engaging writing.


6 Magic Words That Sell


To create candy copy your audience loves, use these 6 magic words that entice and delight.

#1. You


The word ‘you’ is crucial for your copy.

You want your audience to identify with your writing and feel connected, otherwise no one will bother reading your content! 

Avoid using ‘us’ or ‘we’ because it forces your readers to distance themselves from you. Instead, when you use the word ‘you’, your reader instantly identifies your content as part of an internal dialogue.


#2. Because

Yes, it’s true… ‘because’ is one of the most powerful words that engages your audience and connects your story into a concise ‘string of pearls’.

Because your biggest challenge is getting your reader to go through your content from start to finish without a hiccup, you want to use words that speak to the internal dialogue of your reader in a flow that makes sense.

When you use the word ‘because’ you take your reader through to the next step to overcome internal objections. 

#3. Instant

One of the greatest words that boosts opt-ins and sales is ‘instant’ or ‘instantly’. This is simply because ‘instant’ conveys a sense of gratification and ease.

As a bonus, ‘instant’ becomes sub-consciously associated with faster results from your offer so your clients feel confident buying your products.

Just be sure to only use ‘instant’ when you really can deliver. 

#4. New

Ever wonder why big companies tweak products to update the packaging with a flashy ‘new’ on the front of the box?

It’s because you love new stuff! 

When your offer is ‘new’, it adds an element of status and excitement that enhances the whole experience.

One caveat: you always want to have social proof to reassure new leads that your company services are reputable, and this goes double for a ‘brand new’ release you want to promote.

#5. Free
‘Free’ catches attention, just make sure you use it wisely. Used correctly, ‘free’ offers a risk-free experience while you build trust and credibility before making a sale.

Whether you want to offer a ‘free trial’, run a contest on social media for ‘free’ products, or offer high-quality ‘free’ resources, this tends to attract lots of opt-in’s online.

Remember when a prospect gives you their email address online, that is a transaction so make sure you deliver quality resources, even if it is free.

#6. Imagine

Imagine you implement these small yet crucial changes to the words on your website and double your sales almost instantly?

Your prospects really like to imagine results in advance they’ll gain from your content.

‘Imagine’ is one of those power words that engages the sensorial experience of your readers to bring you into a desired frame of mind.

Use ‘imagine’ so your readers know exactly what results to expect once they have read your blog (kinda like how this article started), or after signing up for your course, purchasing your product… you get the idea.  

Because Your Clients Love New Content! 

These are the 6 power words every good copywriter uses to get floods of new leads and convert sales using content that sells.

Start by going through any of your existing content and easily edit by peppering these 6 magic words to boost your profits. 

Once you get the hang of using these 6 magic words, you’ll create better content that gives you bottom-line results you really want.

P.S. If you want to take it up a notch, try creating 2 versions for offers to split test your results and find out how to optimize offers for your target market.