Get the ultimate 7 research-backed advertising tactics to optimize conversion and boost your bottom line.

I’ve heard the process of sales referred to as both an art and a science.

The truth is, it’s both.

It’s a science because there are key elements that research shows do absolutely boost your conversions and your sales.

It’s also an art because how you implement those elements, your creative angle, is all your own.

Today you’re going to find out 7 research-backed ways to create irresistible sales offers so you can put your own artistic flair on it to boost your sales and conversion almost instantly. 

7 Ways to Create Irresistible Offers

1. Revel in your flaws

One of the smartest ways to get past skepticism and overcome sales objections is to revel in your flaws.

Whenever you’re selling, you want to critically examine your core product and pick out the top weakness or criticism that may hinder a sale… and then revel in it.

Dan Kennedy calls this technique ‘your damning admission’. 


When you revel in your flaws right there in your sales copy or ads, you build trust. Because when you mention weakness before strengths, your offer is perceived as honest and reliable.

And if you want to get fancy about, playing your weakness with humour is highly effective.

Just be careful using humour because when it lands you knock it out of the park, but more often than not humour is not a shared trait. 

2. Show results 

Confession time: I hated gym class.

To be fair, I didn’t like school entirely, but I had a special hate on for gym because I couldn’t skip and hand in my assignment later. I had to attend and participate in order to pass. It was annoying. But I learned a little secret…

The amazing power of results.

I would purposefully dial back my athletic performance and each time I attended gym, showed bits of improvement.  

So my gym teacher saw a “noticeable improvement” in my performance and my grade got boosted, despite me missing a lot of class. Meanwhile, others who maintained a consistent performance got lower grades even though they attended more and performed better. 

This works in ads too. 

pianoWhenever you’re telling (a.k.a. selling) a story, you want your prospect to identify results with a person who had to struggle and show them the results they will gain (a.k.a. ‘results in advance’).  

Think about it. 

Let’s say you’re selling a face wash, who do you think is more effective in conveying the value of your pruduct to your target audience…

A) Person #1 who has skin that tends to run oily; or, B) Person #2 who suffered with embarrassing acne from high school on?

Yes, person #2 wins by a landslide because it makes your audience feel like the desired transformation, the results that they get from your product, is pretty much in the bag.

Always lead with results in advance by using examples of people who really struggled and then successfully gain transformative results. 

3. Play the takeaway game

See that really hot chick in the bar rolling her eyes at all the lame pickup attempts guys are throwing at her?

She has mastered the takeaway.

I love the takeaway.

The takeaway conveys urgency and propels your readers to take immediate action because it’s a nonchalant challenge. Not only does it urge buyers to take action, it makes buying your offer a fun experience.

Simpsons_cool_people_onlyWhen I see an offer that says ‘Don’t bother getting this if X, Y, Z”, it instantly catches my attention and gets my respect. 

Don’t try to be everything to everyone… needy offers are repellent.

Build your offers to a highly targeted group of people so you can get the types of clients that you really want to help. 

Implement takeaways and an element of scarcity in every offer you make.

The basic idea is: it’s a club, and you have to work to get in. 

You use takeaways by creating applications, setting up “filter” phone interviews, limiting the amount of people, limiting quantities, etc. and immediately eliminate those people who you are NOT selling to. 

Whatever takeaway you use, not only does the takeaway gain more respect and convert clients you really want – it also generates more status and privilege associated with your offer that boosts sales.

4. Bribe people

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, giving away free, good quality stuff is a MUST to get more traffic and capture new leads online. 

If you really want to use social media effectively to run campaigns, the best social media practice these days is to promote a very good free bribe where you give away good quality stuff in exchange for an email. 

The reason for this is because about 80% of online sales happen through your email marketing even though only about 10% of your list are genuine buyers.


It’s pretty rare to make a new offer to a new lead and convert. However, when you create free “bribes” to get new email subscribers, you build goodwill and trust so that when you do make a sales offer, your loyal fans are ready to buy.

Free “Bribe” = Email address (this is a transaction!)

After at least 2 pieces of good quality free stuff, you move on to deliver your sales offers and any upsells or downsells.  I don’t want to get too far into email marketing here, but you get the general idea.

5. Under Promise, Over Deliver

Don’t underestimate your reputation.

The easiest way to build your business and sales is to continue to sell new products and services to existing clients. The only way you do that is by building a loyal base of clients. 

This means that you absolutely have to impress the socks off new leads and/or clients you get… and the best way is to delight your clients by “under-promising” and then “over-delivering”.

This way, your happy clients talk you up and confidently buy from you again and again.

Because when you exceed expectations, your clients love you.

Keep that in mind whenever you create offers. You want to construct your offer by leading with results that you know you deliver. Make your customer experience an unforgettably pleasant one that matches your promises.


Then, always include a “little something extra” that pushes your clients over the top.

A simple extra resource sheet, free video series or otherwise that’s delivered yet unannounced will make your clients 10 times happier.

Remember this for your “bribes” too… a real “bribe” should be valuable, good quality stuff because it tells your leads how much you value them and the standard to expect from your business.


Make yours a GOLD standard, so they know you’re trustworthy when your sales offer pops into their inbox.

No consumer fear = top profits.

6. Price higher

It’s counter-intuitive but you sell more when you have top prices.


Because your price is immediately associated with your value.

Consider these 3 questions to figure out the best price for your products and services: 

  1. How many years of continuous time, energy and effort have you paid to develop the skills or technology to offer your product?
  2. What are some comparable product price ranges?
  3. How much money do you reasonably need to charge in order to continue to pay yourself and maintain your business?

Be sure to price your products and services in a way that conveys the true value of what you bring to the table, and how the results your clients gain impact a life value beyond even your initial costs.


Stay competitive but also take into account how your prices attract a certain target group within your market.

Remember that prices of your products and services have to sustain your business, and take confidence in the fact that people make purchases based on perceptions of value, not savings.   


7. Social proof/Guarantees

Closing a sale isn’t just about a great offer or highly targeted leads, you’re holding someone’s hand to feel confident that they are making a smart buying decision. 

One of the biggest fears every consumer has before pulling the trigger – especially with online sales – is getting tricked into a bad buy.

No one wants to feel ‘stupid’.

The best way to overcome this fear is by creating a “risk-free” offer.  

There are 2 ways to give your leads that warm, fuzzy feeling to overcome the fear of being ‘stupid’ built into your irresistible offer.

  1. You reassure your clients by adding testimonials because social proof is more effective than a guarantee. 

  2. And, if you don’t have social proof or just want to really make your offer a no-brainer for leads to buy, smack an iron-clad money-back guarantee on it. There are only a few people who will ever come back on a guarantee (and these are usually the people who wouldn’t have bought anyhow) and always limit the time frame so it’s not hanging out there forever. 

These are the ultimate 7 ways to create irresistible offers proven to increase conversion and boost sales.

You can get real creative with these and even hone in on specific angles that connect best with your target market.

Whenever you create any offer, whether it’s a free bribe or a product, be sure to do a run through of your page to get these elements in place so your results are off the charts.