So I just had to share this with you.

If nothing you have read over the past couple of years has had an impact on your perception or decision to purchase US real estate, news from CNN today really sums up the opportunity for Canadians in just a few very short words:

“Home prices have taken such a beating and demand for rental units has increased so much that it’s now cheaper to buy a two-bedroom home than to rent one in most major U.S. cities.  According to real estate web site Trulia, buying was cheaper than renting in 74% of the country’s 50 largest cities in July. In just 12% of the cities, including New York, Seattle and San Francisco, renting was cheaper. In the remaining 14% of cities, renting was less expensive but close to the cost of buying.”

Think about that.  From a Canadian perspective it’s a win-win situation.  If you are looking to purchase properties and hold them for the inevitable upswing in the housing market, what a great time to buy.  If you’re looking to purchase properties to rent and create cash flow, what a great time to buy.  Bottom line – what a great time to buy!

Our free introductory workshops continue across Canada to spread the word and provide you with a wealth of useable content to help with your US real estate goals.  The number one comment at the end of the workshops is, “that was really helpful!” and that is our mission.

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