You know team, on one hand it’s really sad that so many Americans have either given up or are taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude when it comes to home ownership.  The American dream was one of the most talked-about and influential concepts in society.  Now, author after author, journalist after journalist and economists too numerous to begin to name are telling us that the ‘dream’ has disappeared.  Home ownership was the cornerstone of the American dream and that concept has taken a severe beating.

On the other hand, the situation presents a unique opportunity for Canadian investors.  America has become a nation of renters.  They need to rent from someone. Like you and I, perhaps.

Interesting read this morning that says in part:

We’ve gone through 50 years of homeownership being the American Dream, and in those 50 years, homes didn’t do anything but appreciate,” said Bill Miley of real estate research firm Metrostudy. “The American Dream today is job security and being able to afford gasoline to get to work. It’s certainly not buying a home.”  You can read the entire article by clicking here.

We are currently buying U.S. properties at an accelerated rate because we believe so strongly that this is NOT a short-term, unique situation.

To find out what we’re doing and  how we’re doing it, check out the five free videos on the website or attend a free two hour class.

Most importantly, get your questions answered before you jump in.

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