Canada, Midwestern and North-eastern parts of the United State of America experiences extreme weather conditions especially during the winter season.

In this case, people from these places find a way to escape these harsh situations. They are referred to as ‘snowbirds’. ‘Snowbirds’ are individuals typically retirees, businessmen and the rich, who choose to depart the cold climate of the north in order to bask in the warm climates of  U.S. Real Estate.

The ABCs of ‘Snowbirding’ in U.S. Real Estate


If you are a retiree who wants to enjoy the longest vacation of your life, or a businessman trying to relax and break away from the stressful workloads, ‘snowbirding’ by purchasing U.S. Real Estate is the answer to your problems. But wait! You must consider the certain measures for you to be completely satisfied with this vacation.


First, adequate resources for transportation, travel necessities and a real estate must be taken into account. You must be able to fund your needs like transportation-gasoline, fare, vehicular accessories, properties-vacation home, real estate and travel basics-food, medicine, clothing, communication and locator devices.


Second, a wide range of knowledge of the rules and regulations mandated by the law must be taken into account beforehand. The passport is the fundamental requirement when travelling, however, other states may demand for more documents. Agencies like the Canadian Border Services Agency can be of assistance when you need information.


Safety and security is essential in trekking other places. Dangerous items such as pointy objects must be eliminated from your baggage. Security personnel are assigned to ensure your safety and comfort upon setting foot in onto U.S. Real Estate and while within its grounds.


If you are planning on extending your vacation or maybe permanently stay in the U.S., you must be acquainted with the laws contained in your case as a ‘snowbird’. Be acquainted specifically with the Tax Laws, to be able to divide your budget accurately and avoid hassle. Tax Law states that the determination of your tax will be based whether you are a resident- in attendance within the premises for 31 days at minimum during the current year, or non-resident.


In choosing your vacation house, or a U.S. Real Estate property,

concerns like the location, internal and external features of the house, the safety risks, neighbourhood, ease of access of goods and products, transportation, and insurance rates are vital.


Recreational Vehicles or RVs are a great option when you want to go snowbirding. They offer an easy access of shelter, transportation and leisure. People who purchased this kind of vehicle can just halt at designated parking lots and enjoy nature.


It is best to plan ahead before making the decision of pursuing the part-time living in the United States of America. This is to avoid terrible events that might harm you or your belongings. If you are doing this the first time, you must search and read the guidelines that will help you on your adventure. In this case you can make the most of your time for fun while investing in U.S. Real Estate.

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