Right now is one of the best times to get amazing deals in U.S. real estate. Although most people may think no one is buying or selling during the holidays, you have a major advantage if you keep hustling. While others area busy planning their vacation, there is little to no competition and lots of opportunity if you know where to look. So if you are already thinking about how next year can be better, good for you, but there is still time to close on more deal this year.

Closing on your U.S. real estate deal during the holidays will really give you that warm feeling. Because it is the holidays, you will find that people who want to close do so quickly and you can set-up lower interest rates and favorable terms on financing options.

U.S. Holiday Acquisitions

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find that motivated seller.

Bank-owned properties tend to be an easy mark for  U.S. real estate holiday deals because they are easy to find and motivated to clear the inventory off their books before the year end. If you already have a market in mind, you might want to check out the local classified sections to find a motivated seller in the area.

Holiday Magic: All Cash Offers

Oh the sweet sound of an offer that is all cash. It’s hard for any seller to resist a cash offer and even more so during the holidays. Everyone wants to finish the year with as much wrapped as possible, so if you are making a low-ball offer to a motivated seller during the holidays, don’t forget to give them some incentive. There’s less time to wine and dine if you really want to get the deal closed – show them the money! All cash offers are always sure to get noticed, but especially in the last bit of the year, banks want to clear their books and sellers want to move on with their lives, the all cash offer is crucial to your holiday U.S. real estate acquisitions.

Raise the Bar

Managing your expectations and goals is crucial to your success. Resist the urge to give yourself tasks you know you can reach and consistently try to raise the bar to do more. The more you challenge yourself to do, the more you will get done. Aside from the awesomeness of making another deal for 2012, you will also raise the bar for your own standards next year. Remember, If you do better today than you did yesterday, you are on a sure fire path to success.




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