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About Steve

Who is Steve Martel?

As the owner and operator of six multi-million dollar organizations, a husband, father and philanthropist – Steve Martel is a rare combination of a highly effective and integral person. Steve implements systems concurrently geared towards societal contribution and money-making strategies based on the built-in practice of social entrepreneurship. He aims to serve as a role model for Canadian entrepreneurs to develop successful, profitable business models based on a commitment to principles of community, shared social responsibility and generosity.

“Steve Martel has more than a decade of extensive experience…”


As the foremost U.S. real estate investor and mentor in Canada today, Steve strongly believes in leading by example through the cultivation of business practices that serve the dual function of generating profits and contributing to timely societal needs. His tremendous financial success and business ethics are a revolutionary example of the power of social entrepreneurship in our era. At present, the Martel Group of Companies is actively engaged in real estate, financial consultation and education services.

In addition to operating the Martel Group of Companies, Steve devotes time, money and energy into philanthropic work through the Martel Alliance charitable foundation. He also performs exceptional up-to-date mentorship for Canadians interested in real estate investment and entrepreneurship and boasts a remarkable track record of achievement. Steve is well-known for a highly engaging leadership style and accessible teaching methodology. His coaching students are mentored to build success based on his custom-designed successful strategies in real time market conditions. Steve’s business practices and power teams consistently outperform the competition.


“Steve is committed to being a social entrepreneur

Steve’s pioneering business approach is guided by a dedication to his own personal values of accountability, courage and responsibility. As a husband and father of three, he is determined to create a balanced lifestyle of work and play. He incorporates business practices and strategies to operate as a source of income and force of social good while allowing time for quality of life.