It seems that most Canadian snowbirds prefer to flock in Arizona,

where the weather is warm and comfortable—a perfect getaway from the cold wintry months of Canada. But Arizona is not the only warm state in the US, why do these snowbirds tend to migrate there?



According to market research, here are three simple reasons:

1) Currency Exchange Appeal: The depreciation of the US currency is not a surprise to us. We know that the US Dollar decreased its value relative to other currencies, and the Canadian Dollar is no exception.   This is one factor why Canadian snowbirds decide to get themselves some real estate property in the US, particularly in the preferred location of Arizona. During these times, at an average 1CAD is equal to 1.04USD.


This means that the Canadians are getting a great discount just from the exchange rate alone.  While this condition is not a good thing for Americans, it is something great for the rest of us. It means that since the USD is weaker, our respective currencies are relatively stronger. And it is only wise to use this advantage to our benefit, while we can. In the case of the Canadians, it means getting their hands on some of prime real estate properties in Arizona—a wise, comfortable, warm, and discounted escape from the cold winter season of home.


2) Price Appeal: The widespread depression of the US real estate market has opened many opportunities and unbelievable deals on real estate in Arizona.  Some data show that some prices even dropped over 50% and snowbirds from all places, with Canadians taking the lead, are grabbing the opportunities.


It’s like Wal-Mart declared a 50% sale on all items and shoppers are frantically queuing up before opening time, hoping to get the best purchases and best deals from the racks. It is the very same thing in the field of real estate in Arizona—they announced a good sale and buyers are not wasting any time in taking advantages of the great discounts. They are wisely making their move while the market is down and prices are low. When the market recovers, and it surely will in the future, these wise buyers will be all smiles.


3) Location Appeal: Really, what could be more appealing than a relaxing day out in the yard, on a warm sunny day, sipping a cold refreshing glass of lemonade? Nothing. And the most appealing part is, you get to do all these during wintertime. You get to relax and enjoy the day without even thinking about shoveling snow. Talk about cool! Pun intended.


It is common knowledge that the climate is the main reason why snowbirds resolve to get real estate properties in the southern US states. And Arizona is one of the top picks when it comes to location choice. Why? Well, Arizona boasts of a wonderful warm weather, not to mention being the training ground for major league baseball.  It also has a lot of beautiful golf courses, food and shopping centers, and home to numerous outdoor recreation activities.

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