The San Francisco Chronicle had a very interesting perspective in this morning’s edition.  What a ‘win win’ situation it outlines for Canadians!

The article starts with another confirmation that the housing woes in the U.S. are not going to disappear anytime soon:

Fair warning to U.S. real estate players: Resign yourselves to “a slowing grind-it-out recovery” in 2012, as “enduring economic doldrums” continue to weigh heavily on the market. “

This is terrific for those people that are looking to buy, hold and rent to create cash flow and long term residual income.

But then, it goes on to share some stats from a new Price Waterhouse Coopers survey that may shed some light on the ‘bright spots” to buy for Americans.  This also has great value for us, particularly  if you are looking to create profits through buying and re-marketing:

Your best bets: a small handful of “property-wealth islands,” including San Francisco and San Jose/Silicon Valley, both seen as “primary 24-hour gateways located along global pathways,” according to a report being released today at the Urban Land Institute conference in San Francisco.  San Francisco ranks third out of 51 cities as a place to invest in and develop commercial and multifamily apartment properties and fourth in for-sale home building, with San Jose two or three rungs lower in each category, according to the survey compiled by the institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Washington, Austin and New York are the other top-rated cities.

Right now, I’m getting the game plan solidified for 2012.  This information is terrific in identifying goals and targets.





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