The future of your marketing is about creating “experiences”.

With a big percentage of shopping now taking place online, businesses are starting to recognize that pretty merchandise pictures just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Trying to create an online store today is about much more than simply duplicating a setup in the brick and mortar version. The internet, particularly online gaming, has created an expectation of ‘experiences’.

So how does a product retailer make sure that their online presence is more than just a presence? Can they create an ‘experience’ that is going to move product instead of joysticks? has some great thought starters:

Check out the highlights from the new Future of Retail 2016 report below:

“Whether it be Starbucks rolling out mobile ordering to eliminate lines at locations around the United States, or Macy’s digitalizing the fitting room experience, global retailers have passed the experimentation phase with their omni-channel presence. These companies have the capability to innovate within the physical retail space and are taking full advantage of emerging technologies to integrate digital touch points at every stage of their customer experience. Customers are taking notice of these services, from artificial intelligence to on-demand delivery, which are providing them with the tools to be supported from the beginning to the end of their brand journey.”

As you build your business and branding online, you have to stay on top of these important market trends to survive. The shift with online sales is the understanding that consumers want the experience to be easy, simple and convenient. And that applies for creating online business connections as well.

As the owner of your company, you have an online presence that new partners, clients and potential consumers “experience”.

What will be the defining “experience” your audience has with you?