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Unique Solutions / Interesting Reading


    I got caught up in a very interesting article this morning on Bloomberg that I thought you might enjoy as well.

    Peter Orszag proposes some innovative and fresh ideas to kick start the U.S. housing market, and writes this as one possible scenario:

    A more realistic approach would be to try to get the vacant houses rented out, rather than sold to owner- occupants. And one way to do that — proposed by real- estate practitioners (such as Kyle Jividen of Alamo Appraisal Group in San Antonio) and economists (such as William Wheaton of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Gleb Nechayev of the research firm CBRE Econometric Advisors) — is to provide an immediate tax write-off to investors who buy vacant houses and rent them out.

    Again, I have to say that I believe that America has become a nation of renters and our students know that the time to act is now.  Ideas like Orszag’s only fuel my interest!


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